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"I wish I know about this course earlier and I wish it can reach more women. It’s truly inspiring and beneficial. I left feeling empowered and more confident. Whatever age group or whatever stage of life are you in, it surely will add value to you."

Participant of a 10h ESD course, Belgium

A network of ESD Instructors

ESD Belgium is a network of Empowerment through Self Defense (ESD) instructors. We offer workshops and programs in different languages, for different target groups, all through Belgium. 

For the public

The network serves to offer an overview of all ESD-related events and programs organized by the affiliated ESD instructors and their respective organisations. It also serves as a point of reference for those that are looking for ESD training or to connect with an ESD instructor.

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For ESD instructors

The network offers a supportive platform for instructors to work together, share experience and resources, promote their programs and participate in instructor trainings in order to advance their professional  development.

Empowerment Self Defense

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Empowerment Self Defense (ESD) is an evidenced-based, primary violence prevention system. It teaches individuals how to interrupt violence by listening to their intuition, assessing their options, asserting boundaries, using de-escalation strategies, and provides tools for a range of mental, verbal and physical responses.


It is a holistic approach to personal safety that addresses the whole spectrum of violence, from verbal harassment to physical violence.

Meet the instructors

We are proud to present a diverse range of instructors in our network! As each comes in with their unique qualities and experience, there is one thing they all have in common, they are all trained by ESD Global, an internationally recognized organisation that delivers train-the-trainer programs all over the world.


SMART Krav Maga Brussels

Judyta Krawczyk

Languages: Polish, English, German



Independent instructor

Amarande Angely

Languages: French, English



SMART Krav Maga Brussels

Maurits Krug

Languages: Dutch, English



ESD Assistant

Marta Carrera

Languages: Spanish, English, French



Resilience Training Institute

Nina Wennink

Languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish



Independent instructor

Heghine Babayan

Languages: Armenian, Russian, English



Indepent Instructor

Lia Jobava

Languages: Georgian, English, German


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Current or aspiring ESD instructor

Future member of ESD Belgium!

Are you an ESD instructor? Or would you like to be one? Join our network! 

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