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Judyta Krawczyk

Languages: Polish, English, German Website:

Nina Wennink

Languages: Dutch, English, French, Spanish From a young age, Nina's life was shaped by a desire to make a positive impact on the world. Growing up in an international setting, she witnessed the resilience of individuals and communities facing adversity. This upbringing instilled in her a deep understanding of the importance of empowerment, personal growth and supportive communities. Her journey began in 2013 when she enrolled for Krav Maga training, discovering the profound impact of self-defense on her confidence and self-image. She became a trainer herself in 2017. Recognizing the synergy between physical, verbal, and mental resilience, she teamed up with her mother, a Non-Violent Communication trainer, to create programs that holistically addressed personal well-being. In her quest for further knowledge and a supportive community, Nina encountered ESD (Empowerment Self-Defense), a methodology that perfectly aligned with her values and aspirations. Enrolling in ESD instructor training in New York in 2019, she embarked on a global mission to share the transformative power of ESD with others. Since then, she has conducted numerous ESD training sessions across various continents, reaching diverse audiences. Her expertise has been recognized by ESD Global, where she now serves as a train-the-trainer, empowering others to become ESD instructors themselves. During her time in New York, Nina also had the opportunity to experience IMPACT Personal Safety training, a unique adrenaline-based methodology for personal safety. Intrigued by its effectiveness, Nina delved further into IMPACT training, and is on her way to become a fully certified IMPACT instructor. She is currently leading a team of instructors in Belgium, preparing to deliver this innovative form of self-defense training in Belgium and Europe. Today, Nina stands as a co-founder and trainer of the following initiatives: 1. The Resilience Training Institute: A social enterprise focused on providing resilience training programs for companies and organizations. 2. ESD Belgium: A network of ESD instructors dedicated to delivering ESD training throughout Belgium. 3. IMPACT Personal Safety Belgium: An adrenaline and scenario-based form of self-defense training developed in the United States, bringing this unique methodology to Belgium since 2023. 4. Krav Maga Beauraing: A local club in Beauraing where she and her partner both teach Krav Maga two evenings per week. Nina's vision is to integrate ESD and IMPACT into school and university curricula, recognizing its ability to instill essential life skills and cultivate a positive self-image. Her dream is to equip young people with the tools they need to navigate life's challenges with confidence and resilience, laying the foundation for a more fulfilling and impactful future. Beyond her professional achievements, Nina is a woman of diverse passions. She loves to travel, dance, read, and cook, immersing herself in new experiences and cultures. Her enthusiasm for life is infectious, evident in her unwavering belief in the potential of others to succeed. Nina's journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to empowering individuals to realize their full potential. Her passion for ESD stems from her deep-rooted belief in the power of self-determination, resilience, and respect. She aims to be an inspiration to all who encounter her, demonstrating the transformative impact of personal empowerment.

Amarande Angely

Languages: French, English

Heghine Babayan

Languages: Armenian, Russian, English

Maurits Krug

Languages: Dutch, English

Marta Carrera

Languages: Spanish, English, French

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