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Fri, 09 Feb


Brussels - address shared upon registration

Embrace your power!

Embark on a Journey of Empowerment with Our Exclusive Empowerment Self-Defense Course!

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Embrace your power!
Embrace your power!

Time & Location

09 Feb 2024, 18:00 – 20:00

Brussels - address shared upon registration

About the event

Dates & times:

Friday 26 Jan: 18h00 - 20h00

Friday 02 Feb: 18h00 - 20h00

Friday 09 Feb: 18h00 - 20h00

Friday 16 Feb: 18h00 - 20h00

Friday 23 Feb: 18h00 - 20h00

* Please note, this is a full 5-week course and the sessions build on one another. Attendance to all sessions is expected.

For whom:

All women aged 18 years and older. Physical fitness level is of no importance, neither is previous training. 

Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to navigate challenging situations with confidence and self-assurance.

In this exclusive, women-only, empowerment self-defense course, you'll discover a comprehensive approach to personal safety that goes beyond physical techniques. Within a supportive, motivating (and let's not forget fun!) setting, we'll equip you with the mental fortitude, emotional intelligence, and situational awareness to make informed decisions and stand up for yourself in any environment. 

We depart from the belief that all of us were born with an innate ability to survive, equipped with the strengths and resources to navigate life's challenges. The good news is, you've already proven your ability to overcome obstacles, simply by being here. This course isn't about teaching you survival skills – you already possess those. Instead, it's about recognizing and harnessing the power you already have, identifying the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, and learning new skills that will propel you towards personal growth and fulfillment.

Honor Your Strengths, Unleash Your Potential

This course is designed to honor the unique strengths and qualities that make you who you are – your mind, your body, and your desires. We'll work together to identify the skills that have served you well in the past and explore new ones that will empower you to thrive.

Embrace Your Resilience, Transcend Survival

Together, we'll move beyond the survival mode that often keeps us stuck in familiar patterns. We'll discover how to harness your untapped potential, surpassing your limitations and setting you up for a life of growth, joy, and fulfillment.

Experience the Transformative Power of Empowerment

Our course is designed and led by two highly qualified instructors, Nina Wennink and Judyta Krawczyk (read their profiles here), both with extensive experience in teaching empowerment self-defense to individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Under their expert guidance, you will:

  • Cultivate a fearless mindset: Overcome fear and anxiety, and develop the ability to act decisively in the face of danger.
  • Harness the power of intuition: Learn to recognize and interpret warning signs, empowering you to avoid potential threats.
  • Master effective communication: Communicate confidently and assertively, de-escalating potentially dangerous situations.
  • Explore situational awareness: Recognize and assess potential hazards in your surroundings, taking preventive measures.
  • Learn essential self-defense techniques: Gain proficiency in a variety of physical maneuvers to protect yourself from harm.

Exclusive Benefits of Our Course:

1. Personalized Attention and Expert Guidance

Our intimate class sizes ensure personalized attention and expert guidance from highly qualified instructors. Your learning experience is tailored to your needs and goals, ensuring a holistic and transformative journey. We set you up for success.

2. Safe and Supportive Learning Environment

Our training environment is designed to foster a sense of security and comfort. You'll feel empowered to practice new skills and gain confidence in a supportive and nurturing space.

3. Community of Support and Empowerment

Our classes foster a sense of community and belonging, providing a supportive network where you can share experiences, learn from others, and find strength in shared goals. 

4. Lifelong Skills and Habit Formation

The skills and mindset cultivated through our course extend beyond the classroom, becoming lifelong tools that empower you to navigate life's challenges with confidence and resilience.

5. Continuous Growth and Community

Going through this course will instill a change in the way you see yourself, in the way you present yourself to the outside, in the way you build relationships with others and in the choices you make going forward. It can sometimes be challenging or even lonely at the beginning of that change, as your environment might not always understand what is happening or will need time to adapt to a more empowered you. After finishing the course, you have the possibility to continue training your skills and remain connected to a group of women who have a shared sense of empowerment by staying updated on and attending our events.

Embrace Your Power

Take the first step towards a life of greater safety and empowerment. Enroll in our exclusive self-defense course today and unlock your inner strength!

We are more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have. If that is the case, please contact us directly.

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